Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cannot see my own image in Google Chat (contact list)

This was happening to me for a long time. I changed my display picture in my Gmail and since then i was unable to view my own image in Gmail Chat window (contact list). However the Gmail shows the picture perfectly in the Settings page.

After searching the solution of this problem on Google, i found one trick and this worked for me. I am sharing this with you guys.

The problem seems to be with Gmail's new interface's image uploading system.

Step 1: Switch your Gmail to "Older Version" (from top right menu in Gamil).
Step 2: Now change your profile picture either using "Accounts Settings: or by Chat window. Save settings and cross check that the picture is visible in chat window.
Step 3: Now switch your Gmail interface to newer version again.

I hope this will help you.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Session5_Initialization_Failed problem solved

Session5_Initialization_Failed problem solved.

For last a few days i was getting this error in the physical dump.

The actual situation was that whenever windows loads, before the login screen operating system tries to disk check my C drive, and in the 3rd step it haults and gives an error "unspecified error", and instantly it gives me that physical dump(Blue Screen of Death).

I was not able to log in using "Last Known good configuration".

After going threw a few websites i came at a decision that it's a corrupted file problem.

And all this happened when I installed Zone Alarm on my operating system.

So i booted my system in safe mode and uninstalled the Zone Alarm suite.

Now everything its working fine.

The extrace is to uninstall the Zone alarm from the system.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Facebook RSS Feed updation problem solved

I was facing many problems with updating the RSS on my Facebook profile.
The RSS entries were not getting refreshed for almost 3 weeks.

I almost tried all the famous RSS apps like Simply RSS and Blog RSS Feed Reader but none of them worked.

Then after doing a little bit of search I found out RSS Connect.

It worked great and all my friends are happy now to see my latest updated content.

Just give it a try, here is the link for RSS Connect