Monday, August 25, 2008

Open and View .XPS Files in Windows XP

XPS is designed for a replacement of the Enhanced Metafile (.EMF) format; it is similar to a .PDF file, but is based on XML instead of the PostScript language.

XPS files can be opened with Microsoft's XPS Viewer, included with Windows Vista; it is also included with the XPS Essentials Pack, which can be downloaded from Microsoft and used with Windows XP.

To open and view .XPS files you can use "Microsoft XPS Essentials Pack" from for Windows XP and 2000 and Vista.


blackHAT said...

how can i view file with the extension .dat

here im not talking about video files, im asking about some license files which have the extension .dat

so if u can enlighten me on this.

Ajay Sharma said...

May by in your operating system the .DAT extension is bound to some media player, because a .Dat file can contain text, graphic, or general binary data or video.

What you have to do is to following steps:

1) Right click on the .dat file that you want to view.

2) in the context menu select "Open With"

3) In the "Open With" options select "Notepad" if it exists in the list , if it doesn't appear than select "Choose Program" option.

4) A Dialog box will appear, click on "Open With" button.

5) In next dialog select radio button "Select the program from a list".

6) Now in the a list will appear having all the software list to open with.

7) Select Notepad, and click on OK.

blackhat said...

when i tried as u said i was left with junk charcters not any meaning ful data.

does it mean that the file contains something else. but actually its a license file of a software its a 1 kb file.

Ajay Sharma said...

it's not necessary that all the license files are readable. Normally DAT files are not readable as they are in binary form.

License files having .lic xetensions can be read without any problem as generally they are in XML format.

If you want to still read the license file than search for the software for which it is meant to be.

Anonymous said...

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