Saturday, September 13, 2008

Add a new MIME type in Web Hosting

Sometimes a few files extensions type doesn't works on website / hosting server, for example flash video files. This post describes that how to add or set-up a MIME type.

To play a .FLV (Flash video file format) on your hosting server, you have to configure
flash MIME types

Step 1: Open your web hosting control panel.
Step 2: Search for option similar to "MIME".
Step 3: Click on Add New MIME type.
Step 4: In the MIME type enter the type, e.g. "video/x-flv"
Step 5: In the extension type the file extension you want to enable, e.g. ".flv"
Step 6: Click on the add button.

The above procedure will let your domain play the Flash video files.

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