Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google’s Web Browser called Google Chrome is launched


Google has launched it’s own web browser named Google Chrome.
Google Chrome is a very simple and sophisticated browser and very easy yo use.

Google Chrome Features:
~ Multiple tabs can be opened in same instance window.
~ Thumbnails of most visited pages.
~ Automatic bookmarks and history search reaults when you type any URL.
~ Import settings and bookmarks from other web browsers.
~ Application shortcuts
~ Dynamic tabs
~ Crash control
~ Incognito mode
~ Safe browsing
~ Instant bookmarks
~ Simpler downloads

For more features visit
Download Google Chrome here

So go and give a try to Google Chrome.


blackhat said...

But i have also read that chrome is prone to carpet bomb attack...

What do you think of it.

Ajay Sharma said...

Yes blackhat you are right,

As Google Chrome is based on Apple's Safari's old version platform so its obvious that some of flaws will be inherited.

But nothing to worry about it.
You can minimize the harms by changing some options of Google Chrome.

1) Go to Options, select second tab (Minor Tweaks)

2) In the "Download Location", check the check-box naming "Ask where to save each file before downloading".

3) And also set the default path to some different folder except "C:" drive.

As its a Beta version of Google Chrome so more bug reports will come.

Anonymous said...

Well yeah, that's about a month ago? Right now, it looks like Google has taken a step back.